Dermot Donnelly, Ph.D.

Promising New Faculty Award, 2018-19
Department of Chemistry

"I like to motivate and work with others on shared and meaningful challenges.  That, to me, is the best learning environment we can create for ourselves and our students."

​Dermot Donnelly’s approach to teaching is a community-centered one.  When students apply ideas in their community through family, friends, and their locality, it matters and means more. Donnelly leads research on the redesign of Science laboratories that have led to enhanced student success and engagement.  He has recorded over 800 hours of service and service leadership in four years including a Community Chemistry program that brings exciting, hands-on Chemistry activities to Central Valley K-12 schools and public events.

Dr. Donnelly joined the Chemistry Department at Fresno State in 2015.  He received the Provost Award for Promising New Faculty in 2019.​