Edward Jackiewicz, Ph.D.

Outstanding Faculty Award
Geography and Environmental Studies

As a geographer, the world is my classroom whether bringing the world to CSUN or CSUN to the world, hoping students find my same passion for travel and lifelong learning.

​Getting students to step out of their comfort zones and find their true passion are two principles that guide Dr. Jackiewicz’s role as an educator and mentor.  He has taken students to many destinations around the world, including: Peru, Costa Rica, Thailand, South Africa, et al. with the intent of expanding their worldview and finding their passion. Student comments describe him as “the person to turn to for help, advice, advocacy and academic and professional direction” and “…my go to person when I’m stressed, anxious or confused about college life”. He has a co-edited textbook “Placing Latin America: Contemporary Geographic Themes”, now in its 4th edition.  Professor Jackiewicz’s scholarship and emphasis on student success and mentoring earned him the 2019 Outstanding Faculty Award.​