Elisa Grant-Vallone
Elisa Grant-Vallone

President's Outstanding Faculty Award for Service Leadership
San Marcos
Faculty Center


​Elisa J. Grant-Vallone, Professor of Psychology and Faculty Center Director, has spent her career at CSUSM making connections and building community.  Whether through implementing service learning in her classes, facilitating faculty learning communities, or mentoring new faculty, she believes that creating connections is one of the most important things we do.  She has been Director for the North County Higher Education Alliance and an active participant in the CSUSM Graduation Initiative Steering Committee and Campus Climate Working Group.

In her role as Faculty Center Director, she has led a learning community for mid-career faculty and developed new teaching initiatives such as the Teaching EXPO. She has recently published a paper on mid-career faculty engagement in Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice. She is the recipient of the CSUSM’s President’s Outstanding Faculty Award for Service Leadership.