Ellie Ertle

Outstanding Lecturer, 2017
Political Science & Criminal Justice

Learning from, and with, my students is one of the great joys of my professional life.  Each day, they challenge me to work harder and reach deeper as a teacher and as a scholar.

Civic engagement is one of Ellie Ertle’s passions, and it’s one she passes along to her political science students in fun and engaging ways. Ertle has lectured in CSU, Chico’s Department of Political Science and Criminal Justice since 1999, employing a “flipped” teaching approach, using project-based learning and communities of practice to engage students in social learning experiences.

Ertle served as the University’s director of civic engagement from 2013–2016. Since 2009, she has been the faculty coordinator for Town Hall Meeting program, where students actively participate in civic conversations with community policy experts. Ertle incorporates a strong public component in all of her classes, believing that civic engagement is critical for the development of lifelong learners and engaged students.