Jay Conway, Ph.D.

Outstanding Lecturer Award
Los Angeles
Department of Philosophy

A definite, non-academic notion of pedagogy belongs to the very idea of philosophy: deface established values, disregard intellectual fashion, work to create new and better ways of thinking and living.

A dedicated scholar, Jay Conway has taught courses in philosophy for more than two decades. His teachings have focused on gender and culture, existentialism, postmodernism, ethics, critical thinking, and human diversity and justice.

Conway has conducted research on the history of philosophy, especially 17th to 20th Century European philosophy, social-political philosophy and feminist philosophy. He is the author of the book, Gilles Deleuze: Affirmation in Philosophy, as well as several essays on the history of philosophy and social-political philosophy. 

At Cal State LA, Conway has served on graduate thesis committees and as chapter secretary for the California Faculty Association. He was previously a faculty sponsor for two student organizations, the Lapices Collective and the Philosophy Club.