Jean Moran, Ph.D.

Outstanding Researcher Award, 2016-17
East Bay
Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences

I ask students to join me in learning what hydrochemistry can tell us about how best to protect and use California’s limited water supply to support people, agriculture, and critical ecosystems.

Dr. Moran’s research is in applications of isotope hydrology, a field that uses environmental tracers to elucidate the flow of water and the fate of pollutants. After a twelve-year stint at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, she has been engaged in a wide range of externally-funded projects since arriving at CSU East Bay in 2008, from quantification of groundwater discharge to streams in the Sierra Nevada, to tracing treated wastewater for indirect potable reuse in Los Angeles, to identification of the source and fate of nitrate in wells in Turlock. Students are engaged in all aspects of Dr. Moran’s research, and twelve Master’s students have completed original research theses under her mentorship.