Jeanine Minge
Jeanine Mingé, Ph.D.

Visionary Community Service-Learning Award
Communication Studies

I’m committed to making this world a better place through the arts.  I believe community-based performance changes the world one story, one moment, one movement at a time.

Dr. Jeanine M. Mingé consistently weaves her expertise as an artist, teacher and scholar to create spaces where learning, community and service are intertwined in unique and transformative ways.

She is committed to service-learning in projects with multiple community partners, across multiple courses, and through leadership in the dissemination of her model of community collaboration. She directed CSUN’s Performance Ensemble partnering with CSUN's Institute for Health and Well-Being, R.U.T.H. Youthbuild and the Alliance for Community Empowerment. Her students work with young adults in Canoga Park to create critical performance work that intellectually engages larger social worlds. Dr. Mingé was invited to nationally recognized universities to teach faculty these techniques. CSUN acknowledges her work with the 2017 Visionary Community Service-Learning Award.