Jeffrey Auerbach, Ph.D

Preeminent Scholarly Publication Award

I am passionate about teaching, but I became a historian because I love to research: to discover the undiscovered, to piece together the past one document at a time.”

​Jeffrey Auerbach received CSUN’s 2019 Preeminent Scholarly Publication Award for Imperial Boredom: Monotony and the British Empire (Oxford University Press), a major work of scholarship that offers a radical reconsideration of the British Empire during its heyday in the nineteenth century. “Boredom is a fascinating subject both historically and psychologically,” says Professor Auerbach. “It is an expression of distress, disillusionment, disappointment, and discontent that has important ramifications for how we think about the British Empire as well as the modern world.” A Professor of History at CSUN since 2000, Professor Auerbach’s first book, The Great Exhibition of 1851: A Nation on Display (Yale University Press) analyzed the many and varied meanings of the first world’s fair.