Jorge Talamantes, Ph.D.

Faculty Leadership and Service Award, 2019-20
Department of Physics & Engineering

I am glad to have had the chance to guide the start of a new engineering program, and bring educational opportunity to our disadvantaged and severely under-served community.

​Dr. Jorge Talamantes feels grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the lives of our students and their families. As chair of the Department of Physics and Engineering at CSUB, he was responsible for starting the Engineering Sciences program, developing curricula, designing facilities and laboratories, hiring new faculty for the program, and engaging in outreach to industry and prospective students. Dr. Jorge Talamantes then led the development and implementation of Engineering Sciences’ emphases in Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Energy and Power Engineering, Management Engineering, and Petroleum Engineering. Finally, he also guided the accreditation process for the Engineering Sciences program. For his contributions, Dr. Talamantes was honored to be a co-recipient of the CSUB 2019-2020 Faculty Leadership and Service Award.​