Kamran Abedini
Kamran Abedini, Ph.D.

Provost's Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2017
Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering

Referred to as a coach rather than a teacher, I speak to students’ hearts allowing them to feel with their brain, enticing creativity and enhanced wisdom, to solve complex challenges.

​Abedini describes his classroom as a “think tank” where students learn how to strategize, plan and apply. Kamran Abedini, chair and professor in the Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering, touts more than 34 years of experience. He devised “Puzzles Principles,” a pedagogical approach to teaching that uses cognitive and active-learning methods melded with his own experiences, and has been recognized by the National Academy of Engineers. Abedini has earned awards on the local and national stages for his teaching and advising of students. He has mentored numerous students, including underrepresented minorities in engineering, and those students have won awards at regional and national competitions. His colleagues and students attest to the impact he has made at Cal Poly Pomona.