Mahdy Elhusseiny, Ph.D.

Millie Ablin Excellence in Teaching Award
Finance and Accounting

I’m a believer in active learning. Teaching isn’t about lecturing to students; it’s about presenting theories, concepts, and empirical material in a way that they can integrate this information into their own life.

Dr. Elhusseiny grew up in a small town in Egypt.

Dr. Elhusseiny shines in the classroom. He captures his students’ attention, delivers high-quality content in an engaging and memorable way, and inspires his students to do their best.

Dr. Elhusseiny was recognized by 2014, 2015, and 2016 CSUB graduates as contributing to their success per the office of the VP for Student Affairs.

For 10 years, he has served as an advisor for the student Financial Management Association. Annually, Dr. Elhusseiny leads a group of students to visit Wall Street, meet high-ranking professionals tied to the NYSE, Federal Reserve Bank, and several other financial institutions. His students described these experiences as life-changing and edifying to their career paths.