Mark Schilling
Mark Schilling, Ph.D.

Distinguished Teaching, Counseling or Librarianship Award

A great reward of teaching is seeing one’s students be inspired through exposure to a new subject and how it may lead to novel ways of thinking….

Dr. Mark Schilling received the coveted Chauvenet Prize in 2017 and the George Pólya Award in 1991.  Only four other mathematicians have been awarded both of these longstanding prizes.

Dr. Schilling has publications in many esteemed journals in statistics and probability, including multiple lead articles. For several years he contributed the column Chance Encounters to the magazine Mathematical Horizons.  He has provided extensive course and program development for both CSUN’s Graduate Program in Applied Mathematics and all levels of undergraduate mathematics.  The heartfelt letters of support from colleagues and students and his consistently outstanding student evaluations testify to the wealth of knowledge and passion that Dr. Schilling brings to his classes.  The Distinguished Teaching Award recognizes his dedication to teaching.