Matthew Escobar
Matthew Escobar, Ph.D.

Harry E. Brakebill Distinguished Professor Award, 2017
San Marcos

My goal is to train the next generation of student scientists while creating new knowledge in the field of plant molecular biology.

CSU San Marcos Professor Matthew Escobar has mentored more than two dozen undergraduates in his molecular biology research lab, and almost half of his “lab alumni” have gone on to purse doctoral degrees- in medicine, biochemistry, pharmacy, genetics, and plant biology.

Dr. Escobar’s research focuses on the “behavior” of plants- specifically how the development of a plant’s root system is affected by the distribution of nutrients in the soil. His laboratory has identified several key genes that regulate primary root growth. Manipulating these genes can produce plants with deeper root systems that may someday be agriculturally useful in drought-affected California.

Dr. Escobar was awarded the Harry Brakebill Distinguished Professor Award for excellence in teaching, research, and service at CSUSM.