Nancy Fitch, Ph.D.

Faculty Leadership in Collegial Governance Award, 2018-19
Department of History

“I believe in working collectively to make CSUF a high-quality institution that everyone can be proud to work in.”

Colleagues of Nancy Fitch use words like “mentor,” “generous” and “hard-working” to describe her, and say the professor of history’s three decades of university service have played an important role in making Cal State Fullerton the institution it is today.

Her outstanding record of leadership — including more than 20 years on the Academic Senate, chairing the Department of History and serving on countless campus committees — garnered her the 2018 Faculty Leadership in Collegial Governance Award.

Also credited with broadening the history department’s focus from western civilization to world civilization, Fitch’s mastery of emerging historical fields has led to the development of at least 10 new courses, the hiring of two digital historians and the creation of a multimedia history lab.