Nelson Coates, Ph.D.

Outstanding Scholar Award, 2016-17
Maritime Academy
Department of Sciences & Mathematics

There are few greater thrills than the ‘eureka’ moments in teaching and research that come from seeing a student’s sudden understanding, or when a research project coalesces into a discovery.

Solution-processable materials such as conjugated polymers or inorganic nanocrystals are an exciting class of materials where the ability to fabricate functional electronic films directly from solution enables a myriad of novel applications. Dr. Nelson Coates has been an Assistant Professor of Physics at CSU Maritime since 2014, where his scholarship has focused on studying the fundamental physics of, and correlations between, the electrical, thermal, and optical properties of solution-processed semiconductors in order to develop new high-performance renewable energy conversion and storage devices such as such as solar cells, thermoelectrics, and supercapacitors. Nelson has authored and coauthored 29 peer reviewed publications, a book chapter, and 5 patent applications, and is the recipient of the CSU Maritime Outstanding Scholar award for 2016-2017.