Paul Newberry, Ph.D.

Faculty Leadership and Service Award
General Education

I’m honored to have been a part of this campus’ commitment to promoting a strong liberal education program as the best means to ensure the survival of a humane democracy.

Dr. Newberry’s service record spans more than 30 years. His sustained efforts to develop, implement, maintain, evaluate, and revise our GE program demonstrate his commitment to shared governance and the success of our students.

After approval of the General Education program in 2014, Dr. Newberry was selected to be the program’s Faculty Director and General Education Curriculum Committee (GECCo) Chair. Under his leadership, GECCo approved over 200 courses, hosted over 30 workshops, and prepared over 250 faculty members for teaching the new program.

Dr. Newberry has worked closely with on-campus stakeholders and leaders from regional high schools and community colleges. He has striven to ensure that all perspectives are heard and that decisions are grounded in our shared commitment to student success.