Sahar Mosleh, Ph.D.
Sahar Mosleh, Ph.D.

President's Faculty Award for Outstanding Lecturer, 2017
San Marcos
Computer Science

I like to connect with students and be approachable. Building rapport with students is the first step towards students’ active involvement in the classroom.

Dr. Mosleh is a computer engineer and strongly believes that relating class to real-world applications is vital to student learning. She is using innovative curricula for teaching technically advanced and challenging topics. Her enthusiasm as a scholar and an educator won her the CSU Promising Award in Course Redesign with Technology for 2016-17.

Dr. Mosleh has been instrumental in planning, organizing, and hosting CSUSM’s bi-annual Women’s Hackathons. The hackathons are designed to encourage young female students in Southern California to pursue computer science careers. 

She is also the 2016-2017 recipient of the CSUSM President’s Outstanding Faculty Award for Outstanding Lecture.