Stephen Tibbetts
Stephen Tibbetts, Ph.D.

Outstanding Professor Award, 2014
San Bernardino
Criminal Justice

Learning is a dynamic process. I evaluate my lectures by how much I end up learning from my students' feedback and insights. I rarely have sessions without learning from them.

Since joining CSUSB in 2000, Stephen G. Tibbetts has continued his research on the differences between men and women in their decisions to commit deviant behavior, as well as their perceptions of risk and consequences of getting caught. He has worked as a child advocate in San Bernardino County from 2000 to 2006.

His students praised his teaching. One student wrote, Tibbetts “is a fantastic educator. Unlike many classes I have taken, the material presented in his class left me discussing and pondering outside of the classroom.”

He taught undergraduate and graduate classes, and has been a member of 21 master theses committees and many independent studies. Tibbetts has published six books, written or co-written 39 articles in his field and has given 36 professional presentations.