Stephen Tsui

President's Outstanding Faculty Award for Service Leadership
San Marcos

 “Service can mean spending an hour advising a student or spending months on a committee promoting institutional change. We do it all for our students.”

​Prof. Tsui considers his first act of service to the CSUSM Physics Department in 2008 to be among his most impactful – he delivered a small refrigerator to the office suite for the faculty to keep their lunches. During the infancy of the Applied Physics degree program, Tsui served as the founding advisor for the campus chapters of the Society of Physics Students and the Sigma Pi Sigma National Physics Honor Society. He routinely mentors undergraduate research students in his condensed matter physics laboratory and contributes to science outreach in the local community. Tsui’s roles include co-facilitating a Faculty Learning Community on Transformative STEM Teaching and serving as a Faculty Co-Director for Recruitment and Success in the Office of Inclusive Excellence.