The Nguyen, Ph.D.

Provost’s Award for Innovation, 2017
Mechanical Engineering

Innovative educators create more and better opportunities for students to learn and excel. That means life-long learning, constantly trying out different methods, and never giving up.

Dr. The Nguyen is an innovator and inventor in the field of Mechanical Engineering. To make conveying knowledge natural and interesting, he experiments with many pedagogical methods ranging from flipping classrooms and service learning to using mobile technology to enhance education. Nguyen teaches students innovation by his own examples of products for which he has filed for patents and commercialized. The key to his innovative teaching is to treat students like professionals with all rights and responsibilities. Nguyen shows students that he is willing to learn with them, from them, and wholeheartedly transferring what he knows to them. Nguyen received the Provost's Award for Innovation for his work as a Mechanical Engineering professor, and for him, this is only the beginning.