Elizabeth Sellers

Professor and Head of Media Composition | CSUN


CSUN's Commercial & Media Writing bachelor's degree program was recently ranked in the top 25 in the world, according to The Hollywood Reporter​. And it's one of only a handful in existence that gives students a solid grounding in both classical and contemporary music, including practice writing for musicians every week in a lab. By the time students graduate, they've written for student ensembles and student films and have worked with pros in L.A.'s film scoring industry. All of this allows them to step into the field as emerging composers.

“Composing is a talent and takes a musical imagination, the ability to tell stories with music," says Professor Elizabeth Sellers. “Most student composers know they want to do this from very early on. In today's commercial world, music is created in a computer, but sometimes is realized by a live orchestra. That's the rewarding part: to hear your music come to life with talented musicians."

“Composing, like many art forms, is 10 percent inspiration and 90 percent perspiration. It takes good ideas and lots of rewriting and developing t​o make things work well."

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