Romey Sabalius
Press Release Board of Trustees

Governor Announces Appointment of Faculty Member to CSU Board of Trustees



Romey Sabalius
Governor Jerry Brown has announced the appointment of San José State University professor Romey Sabalius to the California State University Board of Trustees.

Sabalius has served as a professor and coordinator of the German Program at the San José State Department of Foreign Languages since 2003, where he began teaching as an associate professor in 1998.

Sabalius is also a member of the San José State University Academic Senate, California State University Academic Senate and the California Faculty Association San José State University Chapter Executive Board.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the governance of the 23-campus system.  Under present law there are 25 Trustees (24 voting, one non-voting). Five Trustees are ex officio members: the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Speaker of the Assembly, State Superintendent of Public Instruction and the Chancellor.

No Trustee, with the exception of the Chancellor and the Faculty Trustee, receives any salary for his or her service.