​​​In honor of National Nurses Week 2017 (May 6-12), we asked CSU nursing students and alumni to share their experiences and aspirations for their nursing careers, as well as how the CSU has helped them through its nursing programs.

Currently, more than 8,100​ students are enrolled in 79 CSU nursing programs.

Students and alumni often cite accessibility, affordability and faculty mentoring as some of the reasons they chose to enroll in the university. Here, more comments from current and past students:​​

"Thanks to the CSU system in our area I have been able to fulfill all the requirements that are needed to go on to a postgraduate degree program, all without leaving my home. Through the guidance of our program director, Helina Hoyt, we have been able to go beyond the basic levels of our profession and are, in ever increasing numbers, going on to seek an advance practice degree. I'm grateful to the university for giving us students in underserved areas the resources and opportunities to reach our full potential." Sebastian Fernandez de Soto, BSN alumnus, San Diego State


"The ADN-BSN program takes an RN to another level. This may be stating the obvious, but through learning about what it takes to be a leader and a professional nurse in a multicultural society, I have seen how I can benefit the institutions I work for, not just as a dependable employee but someone who is a forward thinker and capable of promoting positive change. To go along with this, improving my assessment and clinical skills has made me more confident and more valuable to those I serve." —Kaylene Lawlor, BSN student, Stanislaus State


"So far, I believe that the BSN collaborative program at CSUDH has allowed me to be a more well-rounded nurse. I'm learning things about culture and patient-centered care that we simply do not emphasize as much in my ADN program because it's all about mastering the theory and learning the clinical skills in the short time we are there. I know that having a BSN (or being in the progress of completing the degree) will make me more marketable as a new grad nurse." —Stacy Anders, BSN student, CSU Dominguez Hills


"This program not only grew me as a nurse, but as a person. This program took my critical thinking skills to another level, taught me to be comfortable outside of my comfort zone, and showed me all there is to gain in accepting new challenges. In addition, I learned to access the people I interact with within the context of their world and all of the social determinants that interplay to affect this person, requiring a community assessment as well as an individual assessment. This program was fundamental in taking me from a bedside nurse to being a public health nurse."  —Collett Gabriella Vazquez, BSN alumna, San Diego State


The California State University offers a number of nursing degree programs, including the bachelor of science, nursing (BSN); master of science, nursing (MSN); and doctor of nursing practice (DNP), as well as Nursing Degree Transfer Pathways, ​including the California Community College Associate Degree (ADN) to BSN pathway.

Through financial assistance opportunities like the Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program, the CSU is committed to educating and strengthening the nursing workforce with students from all backgrounds so they may become leaders when caring for not only their patients but the families and communities they serve.