The California State University, Long Beach is part of a recently awarded $14 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) for research into sustainable transportation systems.

The grant was awarded to the National Center for Sustainable Transportation (NCST), a research consortium that will be led by the University of California, Davis and includes CSULB; University of California, Riverside; University of Southern California; Georgia Institute of Technology; and University of Vermont.

The goal of the grant will be to advance a more sustainable transportation system to reduce the effects of the transportation system on the planet’s natural resources, including energy, climate, air, water, and land.

Another grant, for $12.5 million, was awarded by USDOT through the METRANS Transportation Center, which is comprised of CSULB and several universities in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada and the U.S. Pacific Island territories and will lead the study.

This grant will focus on technology to address transportation problems, easing mobility for vulnerable populations, and managing mobility in high-growth urban areas.