Gardening at CSU Northridge
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Spring Gardening Thrives at the CSU


Many campuses offer the chance for the community, students and faculty to learn gardening techniques and grow their own produce right on campus.

Gardening at CSU Northridge

CSU Northridge's gardening classes review strategies for container gardening, soil preparation, selecting the site of your garden, and choosing the best plants by season. Photo courtesy of CSU Northridge


​Growing your own fruit and vegetables literally puts a healthier diet conveniently in your own backyard, but not everyone has the optimal soil, sun exposure or know-how to create a thriving garden.

CSU Northridge's Botanic Garden offers classes to the local community on methods for growing vegetables in containers — perfect for anyone without a yard that lends itself to a garden. The CSUN garden is also a vital academic resource for students to study plant biology, botany and horticulture.

Similarly, CSU Long Beach's Grow Beach! offers a garden for students, faculty, staff and alumni to learn to cultivate their own food on campus. While student gardeners are given first priority, any member of the campus community can rent a garden box to harvest produce.

Other CSU campuses that offer food gardens include:

  • CSU Chico's Organic Vegetable Project: The project offers workshops for local farmers and members of the community and provides students opportunities to build their management and research skills. Fresh produce grown at the 10-acre plot is served seasonally to campus diners.
  • Cal Poly San Luis Obispo's Organic Farm: The nine-acre farm is certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers and provides students with hands-on learning in organic and sustainable farming and gardening practices. The farm also serves as a classroom and laboratory for courses and research programs at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.
  • Sonoma State's Garden Classroom: This campus organic garden is maintained by students through volunteering programs, classes and student organizations. Students harvest and deliver the produce to a local food bank, Neighbors Organized Against Hunger.