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CSU Board of Trustees Approve 2016-2017 Support Budget Request




​​California State University’s Board of Trustees reviewed and approved the 2016-2017 support budget request at their November meeting.

The $102.3 million dollar request would supplement the governor’s multi-year funding plan of $139.4 million. The additional funds will allow the nation’s largest four-year public university to increase student enrollment by 3 percent at an investment of $110 million—allowing for 12,600 new students. The added request also allows the university to address other mission-central priorities including much needed technology and infrastructure upgrades, expansion of educational facilities, increases to programs and student services that support student success, the hiring of additional faculty and a 2 percent employee compensation pool.

The supplemental request prioritizes $25 million to infrastructure to address the CSU’s $2.6 billion deferred maintenance backlog and $50 million for student success and completion measures.

The governor’s multi-year funding plan provides $139.4 million to the CSU. Mandatory costs will consume $112.6 million, leaving only $45.6 million to address enrollment growth, student success programs and facilities maintenance. The governor’s plan allows for 1 percent enrollment growth—amounting to 3,500 new students. The funding available through the multi-year funding plan does not adequately address enrollment demand nor will it allow the university to meet other funding priorities.

The CSU has two funding sources—the state and student tuition revenue. The request for additional funds will need the governor and legislatures support and a decision on the request will be made during the budget cycle in June.

Last year following the CSU’s #StandWithCSU budget advocacy campaign, the state fully funded CSU’s support budget request of $97 million for the first time in over a decade. These funds were used to increase student enrollments, hire more tenure-track faculty and academic advisors, enhance student success and completion measures, and to fund improvements to academic facilities and upgrade technology.

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