The CSU faced a budget reduction of $564 million due to an unprecedented drop in state General Fund support.

Resulting enrollment decrease:

• Estimated 4,000 fewer students in Fall 2009 than prior year

• Anticipated reduction of 10,000 students by Spring 2010

• The CSU will need to reduce an additional 40,000 students over the next two years

Continuing high demand for a CSU education:

• Applications opened on Oct. 1, since then the CSU has received 266,152 applications through Monday, Nov. 9–an increase of 53% from the same time last year

• A 127 percent increase in the number of upper division transfer applications for a total of88,823 submitted

• An increase of 32 percent in freshmen applications from the same time last year

The CSU is seeking a “recover and reinvest” budget for 2010-11.

Recovery of one-time cuts:

• Restores $255 million line-item veto that the Governor committed to be replaced with State General Funds in 2010-2011

• Restores $50 million cut by the legislature as part of the original 2009-2010 budget adopted in February

Reinvestment in the CSU:

• Invests $296 million in funding, including $111 million in state General Fund dollars assumed to “buy-out” 10% student fee increase

• Invests $283 million for “Core Compact Recovery” to fund the CSU collective bargaining agreements of the last two years

The CSU is seeking a total increase of $884 million bringing overall state General Fund support to $3.3 billion.