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CSU Statement on Faculty Hiring & Compensation




As soon as the state began to re-invest in the CSU in 2013-14, the university made increasing staff salaries a top priority. The system remains firmly committed to increasing employee compensation as funding is restored. In addition to the 1.3 percent general salary increase all staff received in 2013-14, the CSU negotiated a new contract with the California Faculty Association (CFA) that provided a general salary increase of 1.6 percent to all faculty for 2014-15. This agreement also provided targeted salary increases for tenure-track and temporary faculty whose salaries were below designated benchmarks. About 9,300 faculty members received additional raises, bringing their total increase to 4.6 percent. The university expects to reopen salary talks with CFA in the coming months. To date, 740 new tenure-track faculty were hired this past year, the most since 2007. CSU’s operating budget is still $400 million below pre-recession levels when the university served 50,000 fewer students. Even with limited resources, employee compensation continues to be a priority for the university. Funding has already been set aside to fund salary increases for 2015-16.

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