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More than 200 California Teachers Prepared by CalStateTEACH



CalStateTEACH targets teachers who need to complete a Multiple Subject Credential with emphasis on Cross-Cultural, Language, and Academic Development (CLAD), and are unable to attend a CSU campus on a regular basis because of work schedules, family obligations or distance from a CSU campus. CalStateTEACH provides high quality education that combines independent study with on-line support by accessing the latest in technology including Internet, video, and print materials. The coursework consists of assignments and activities that integrate the teaching experiences in the classroom. The flexibility of the program is designed to allow independent study at the time and place of the student\'s choice, which usually revolves around their teaching schedules. For additional support, students are assigned to regional centers located at CSU Fresno/Monterey Bay, CSU Hayward, CSU Fullerton, Cal Poly Pomona, and Cal State L.A. One great advantage of the program is that it delivers quality instruction to teachers who live in remote areas miles away from a CSU campus. "The structure of CalStateTEACH as a distance education program may be the basis of teacher education in the future," said Jane Coover, a CalStateTEACH summer graduate from Mattole Unified in Humboldt County. "It has a challenging atmosphere that compels students to become self-motivated and directed." Approximately 38,000 teachers in California are not fully credentialed, but hold either a waiver or an emergency permit. The CSU educates 60 percent of the state\'s teachers, and CalStateTEACH is one of the many initiatives CSU has implemented in recent years to improve the quality and quantity of California\'s teachers.
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Last Updated: 31 July 2001

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