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Neutral Panel Finds General Salary Increases for Faculty 'Unwarranted' in Current Budget Situation




Negotiations End After Parties Unable to Come to an Agreement

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(April 16, 2010) – The California State University announced today that negotiations have concluded pertaining to 2008-09 salary issues within the California Faculty Association collective bargaining agreement after the two sides were unable to reach an agreement. Following the release of a neutral fact-finding report, each side was legally mandated to try and reach agreement during a 10 day "quiet period."

The CSU agreed with the fact-finder’s recommendation that no General Salary Increases (GSIs) or across-the-board Service Salary Increases (SSIs) are warranted in light of the current budget situation. In addition, the CSU concurred with the second recommendation to fund the 2008/09 equity program to the extent that the CSU was not required to provide "new money" to fund the increases. CSU had proposed to distribute approximately $1.7 million in unspent roll over funds available within the collective bargaining agreement, but that offer was rejected by the faculty union.   

"We would like to see the available funds used to provide targeted relief to the small number of faculty members who have been particularly impacted by equity or salary inversion issues," said Gail Brooks, CSU vice chancellor for human resources. "This approach would help alleviate some of the most serious equity situations while not negatively impacting the CSU’s fiscal position."

Over the past two years, CSU’s general fund support has been cut by $625 million or 21 percent, and the system has been forced to drastically reduce enrollment, implement two day per month employee furloughs, increase student fees and make other budget reductions.

Because the 2008/09 state budget did not include annual funding increases as called for in the CSU’s Higher Education Compact with the Governor, it triggered the re-opening of salary increases outlined in the faculty collective bargaining agreement. The administration and the faculty union were unable to come to an agreement through mediation, and agreed to a neutral fact finding process. Recommendations by a fact-finding panel are non-binding and may be accepted or rejected by either party.

According to the fact finder’s report, "CFA, for the first time, agreed that a 2008-09 GSI increase was its lowest priority in light of the CSU’s budget constraints and CFA’s other goals. Its members already had a two percent increase that, while nominally awarded in 2007-08, was paid out for the first time in 2008-2009."
The CFA represents approximately 23,000 faculty personnel at the CSU’s 23 campuses.


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