Providing Access to Affordable Healthcare




The CSU is supporting efforts to put affordable healthcare into the hands of thousands of Californians by educating the CSU community about the benefits of the Affordable Care Act. Under the new health insurance law, many CSU students, families and staff members will be eligible for either no-cost, public insurance under the newly expanded Medi-Cal program, or heavily discounted (subsidized) private insurance purchased through a new government entity known as Covered California.

As part of the CSU Health Insurance Education Program, most CSU campuses will be implementing activities to inform the public about the new health benefits.  Campus representatives will focus on online outreach and education; hold forums to discuss details and answer questions; conduct classroom visits to educate students on how to enroll; and coordinate with student and campus organizations to disseminate information. Chancellor Timothy P. White and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Regional Director Herb Schultz speak to the importance of the new initiative in a video.