Social Media Revolutionizing Key Industries

Stephanie Thara



FacebookWith the rapid development of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs and YouTube, almost every business has been touched and affected by social media. Offering approximately 4,200 degree programs and concentrations throughout the 23 CSU campuses, the CSU serves countless industries which have all had to adapt to an online-based world.

Businesses are using social media as a commun​ications tool to reach their customers and clients. Stakeholders can regularly check updates and developments on a company’s Facebook fan page or go to a corporation’s Twitter account for a link to the latest press release. Educational videos can be uploaded to an organization’s YouTube account or posted to a company’s blog.

With more than 2.8 million graduates, many CSU alumni have experienced firsthand the impact social media has had on their careers.

Broderick Turner, the Los Angeles Times beat reporter for the Los Angeles Clippers, graduated from San Diego State and has covered teams including the Angels, Dodgers, Lakers, USC and UCLA. Working as a journalist for media outlets such as the Bakersfield Californian, Riverside Press-Enterprise, San Gabriel Valley Tribune and now the Los Angeles Times, his method of delivering news has changed since the invention of blogging and social networking sites.

“Social media has made everything instantaneous,” said Turner. “Through Twitter, I can break news in a matter of seconds.”

Social media has revolutionized the field of journalism. Instead of receiving press releases via fax, mail or e-mail, journalists are pitched story ideas through their Twitter accounts. Stories reach thousands more people through viral distribution and postings on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and feedback from readers is instantaneous.

“Before, when I had a story, I would have to find a computer, type it up, send it into the newspaper and it wouldn’t get printed until the next day. Now, I can write a story, post it onto the blog and Tweet it out in a matter of 10 minutes,” said Turner.