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Stage Set for Association for Theatre in Higher Education and MERLOT Production



(Jan. 21, 2005) -- The Association for Theatre in Higher Education (ATHE) and the Multimedia Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT) have signed an agreement to provide the theatre community in higher education with an easy-to-use digital library of online teaching and learning resources. With the online service, theatre faculty and students will be able to share their creative and scholarly production of online teaching and learning materials as well as strategies for using these materials successfully. “The leadership of the ATHE organization will help ensure MERLOT’s digital library services will be designed to serve and exceed the needs of the theatre community,” said Gerry Hanley, Executive Director of MERLOT. “Together, we will build the theatre arts collections within MERLOT for schools, colleges, and universities around the world.”ATHE will begin by organizing the theatre collection and contributing learning materials to the MERLOT library. MERLOT will provide the tools, guidelines, and support services to ATHE so it can deliver the online services to their community quickly and effectively. By not having to “reinvent the wheel,” thanks to MERLOT’s 7 years of experience, ATHE and MERLOT expect to have the first version of the theatre collection available by August 2005."ATHE is delighted to partner with MERLOT to create a theatre pedagogy for the future," said Karen Berman, President of ATHE. "Utilizing technology, MERLOT and ATHE will premiere an accessible online system to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning in the arts." With the support of MERLOT, ATHE is committed to expanding interconnectivity among the national and international theatre community, supporting professional development and pedagogy, and transforming communications.ATHE (Association for Theatre in Higher Education) is a comprehensive non-profit professional membership organization with 1700+ members. Founded in 1986, ATHE serves the interests of its diverse membership (including college and university theatre administrators, educators, graduate students, and theatre practitioners) through advocacy, the dissemination of knowledge, collaboration with other like-minded organizations, and the promotion of innovation and excellence in theatre.MERLOT (Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching) is an international cooperative of systems, consortiums, institutions of higher education, professional organizations, and individual members that provides educators with a free and open website ( where they can find high-quality resources for improving learning and teaching.For more information, please contact:
ATHE at or MERLOT at
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Last Updated: January 21, 2005

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