Science and CSU

STEM Growth




The CSU has launched a number of new initiatives aimed at building interest in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields. New partnerships are helping to break the barriers these subjects create for many students, as they are critical building-blocks for college-readiness and lifelong success.CSU Dominguez Hills received a $250,000 grant from the Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation to help bridge the math proficiency divide. The award will help expand the developmental math program at CSUDH, which is aimed at freshmen requiring additional math courses to bring them to college-level proficiency.

A study program at CSU Fullerton is helping students pass those gateway STEM courses with a peer-to-peer approach. Math and science faculty direct students’ supplemental instruction, which helps to increase retention and graduation rates in STEM majors. CSUF scientists and mathematicians are also inspiring middle and high school students to pursue careers in STEM disciplines by exploring topics such as antibiotic-resistant bacteria and the benefits of stem cell research.

CSU Stanislaus is set to host the Central California Math Project Conference, where classroom teachers, faculty and education specialists will discuss current issues in K-12 mathematics education—including trends in education reform, Common Core Standards, and tips on using technology in the classroom.