Student Research Highlighted at Statewide Competition




Jessica Valadez More than 200 student researchers from throughou​t the CSU presented at the 28th annual Student Research Competition at Cal State East Bay May 2-3. The contest showcases the significant research done by undergraduate and graduate students.

In order to participate, the students have to be selected by their campus or take top honors in their own campus research competition. Their projects are judged by professional experts from major corporations, foundations, public agencies, and colleges and universities in California.

Students compete in a variety of categories in the sciences and humanities. This year’s winning projects included one from a Chico State student who focused on yeast supplementation cattle feed and a San Jose State student who made cost-effective prosthetics from sustainable materials like bamboo.

CSU Fullerton graduate student Daniel Ignacio’s winning study investigated the effects music has on the brain and revealed positive links between musical chord progressions and increased brain processing speed and memory.

“Our ability to experience music may be more than just emotional,” Ignacio said. “Sound waves could provide an unconventional way to increase brain function.”

Daniel IgnacioIgnacio’s interest in the healing qualities of sound came after a life-changing event. In his freshman year, he suffered a severe traumatic brain injury and survived a month-long coma. As he recovered and eventually re-entered college, he says music helped improve his focus, processing and memory.

“I began playing and writing music and I would listen to what I created while studying and doing homework,” Ignacio said. “There were many factors that contributed to my success in my first semester post-injury when I earned my first 4.0 GPA. Music was definitely one.”

Behavioral and Social Sciences

Steven Nieto, CSU San Bernardino, (Undergraduate)
Adolescent Prozac Exposure Enhances Sensitivity to Cocaine in Adulthood
Kristal Raheem, Sonoma State, (Undergraduate)
The Experience: An Analysis of the Retention and Graduation Rate of Black Students at Sonoma State University
Daniel Ignacio, CSU Fullerton, (Graduate)
The Effects of Music and Auditory Affective Priming on Cognition
Jed Sam Pizarro-Guevara, CSU Long Beach, (Graduate)
A Psycholinguistic Study of Tagalog Relative Clauses: Age of Acquisition and Comprehension

Biological and Agricultural Sciences

Stacey Nerkowski, CSU San Bernardino, (Graduate)
Microsatellite Analysis of Population Structure in the Santa Ana Speckled Dace (Rhinichthys osculus): Conservation and Evolution
Cole Frazier, Cal Poly Pomona, (Undergraduate)
Establishing an Ascending Urinary Tract Candidiasis in Swiss Webster Mice
Jessica Valadez, CSU Fullerton, (Graduate)
Analysis of the Transcriptional Activation and Post-transcriptional Regulation of Transient Receptor Potential Mucolpin-2 (TRPML2) Gene
Katherine Moore, Chico State, (Undergraduate)
Effects of Brewer’s Yeast on Growth Performance and Carcass Traits of Angus-influenced Steers

Business, Economics, and Public Administration – Combined

Brooke Sullivan, CSU Fullerton, (Undergraduate)
Community Issues in American Metropolitan Cities: A Data Mining Case Study

Creative Arts and Design – Combined

Mitchell Davidovitz, Chico State, (Undergraduate)
Window of Normalization: A Musical and Photographic Exposition Created Solely with Sounds and Images Captured from Live Television

Education – Combined

Audrey Denney, Chico State, (Graduate)
Perceptions of Agricultural Sustainability held by California Secondary Agriculture Teachers

Engineering and Computer Science

Jason Cox, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, (Graduate)
Effects of Waste Placement Practices on the Engineering Response of Municipal Solid Waste
William Slocumb, San Jose State, (Undergraduate)
Bamboo Fiber Reinforced Composites for Orthotics and Prosthetics

Health, Nutrition, and Clinical Sciences

Rodolfo Flores, CSU Long Beach, (Undergraduate)
Functional Consequences of Early Methylphenidate Exposure in Adolescent Rats
Kevin Valenzuela, CSU Fullerton, (Graduate)
Effect of Foot Rotation during Running on Knee Moments and Lateral-medial Shear Force

Humanities and Letters

Zane Cooper, CSU San Marcos, (Graduate)
The Chinese Cowboy
Marissa Jenrich, CSU Long Beach, (Undergraduate)
Narrating Norah: Economic Identity for Irish Immigrant Women in New York City, 1855-1865

Interdisciplinary – Combined

Hanjiro Ambrose, San Jose State, (Undergraduate)
Driving Rural Energy Access: A Second-Life Application for Electric Vehicle Batteries

Physical and Mathematical Science

Grant Olson, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, (Graduate)
Zinc Oxide Nanowire Carboxylated Polythiophene Nanocomposites with Applications to Hybrid Solar Cells
Guilhem DeHoe, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, (Undergraduate)
Synthetic Design of Block Copolymer Amphiphiles for Nanomaterial Dispersion
Conor Camplisson, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, (Undergraduate)
Fast-Wicking Paper-Based Fluidic Channels