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Students Can Enroll in Spring 2015 CourseMatch Offerings Beginning January 10




Fifty-six Fully Online Courses Offered to Students at Semester Campuses

Full-time students interested in enrolling in an additional course this upcoming spring semester can view a listing of fully online courses available on the California State University’s revamped CourseMatch website.

Launched in fall 2013 to increase opportunities for students to take high-quality coursework, CourseMatch is the CSU’s online concurrent enrollment program that provides full-time students enrolled at any campus with access to fully online courses offered at other CSU campuses. Credit earned at the CSU campus offering the online course is automatically reported to the home campus and included on student transcripts.

The enrollment process for CourseMatch is now fully automated. Students visit the CourseMatch website to view course offerings and after choosing a course they want to take, can enroll through their home campus’ student self-service portal. The updated CourseMatch website assists students with determining their eligibility for the program, provides an opportunity to assess their readiness for an online course, and offers the full list of available courses with articulation information. Students are urged to consult with an academic adviser before signing up for concurrent courses.

For spring 2015, there will be 56 fully online semester courses available. These offerings cover a wide range of topics such as algebra, biology, chemistry, economics and statistics. Students can visit the CourseMatch website now to see which courses will be offered and can begin enrolling on January 10.

The availability of courses for students at the CSU’s six quarter campuses will be announced at a later date.

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