Students Compete in CSU’s 30th Annual Research Competition
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Students Compete in CSU’s 30th Annual Research Competition



Students Compete in CSU’s 30th Annual Research Competition

From developing improved vaccines to studying the effects of rebates on solar energy use, CSU students are addressing today’s top issues and developing solutions that can make a difference in our lives.

These topics were among nearly 200 research projects presented at the CSU’s 30th annual Student Research Competition at CSU Bakersfield April 29-30. The event hosted the best and brightest students from throughout the CSU–in order to participate, students had to be selected by their campus or take top honors in their own campus research competition.

Throughout the two-day event, more than 220 students from 22 CSUs presented 196 research projects in 20 sessions, which were broken down by student level and a number of research categories including humanities and social sciences, agriculture, chemistry, biology and health sciences.

Students presented before panels of professional experts from major corporations, foundations, public agencies, and colleges and universities in California. One winner and runner-up was selected in each session.

First place winners are listed below. A full list of all winners can be seen here.

Behavioral & Social Sciences
Ivan Hernandez, CSU San Marcos (Undergraduate)
Title: The Influence of Minority Training Programs on Individual's Social Mobility Mindset

Brandon Zamudio, San Diego State (Undergraduate)
Title: Effects of Late Gestational Cannabinoid Exposure on Behavioral Development in Rats

Anna Bartel, Chico State (Graduate)
Title: Impact of Appearance‐Based Trait Inferences of Political Candidates on Comprehension of Contradictory Texts

Cassandra Gearhart, CSU Long Beach (Graduate)
Title: The Influence of Sexual Assault Characteristics on Survivors’ Coping Strategies Over Time

Biological and Agricultural Sciences
Mason DuBois, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (Undergraduate)
Title: An Investigation of the Effect of Oxygen Availability on the Critical Thermal Maximum of Lizards Along an Altitudinal Gradient in the Southern Sierra Nevada

Robert Ontiveros, CSU Fullerton (Undergraduate)
Title: Identification and Structural Characterization of a Minimal Functional Splicing Regulator, Polypyrimidine Tract Binding Protein 1

Don Clarke, CSU Los Angeles (Graduate)
Title: Development of a Stem Cell/Gene Therapy for Sanfilippo Syndrome B

Paulina Villanueva, Cal Poly Pomona (Graduate)
Title: Efficacy in Mice of a Liposomal Influenza M2e Vaccine Containing the TLR3 Adjuvant, dsRNA

Business, Economics, and Public Administration, Undergraduate & Graduate
Saba Mojtahedi, CSU Long Beach (Graduate)
Title: The Effects of California Solar Initiative Rebates on Solar Energy Adoption

Education, Undergraduate & Graduate
Omar Murillo, San Francisco State (Undergraduate)
Title: Family Away from Home: Support Systems for Multi‐Generational Hispanic Students at a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI)

Engineering and Computer Science
Alejandra Franco, San Francisco State (Undergraduate)
Title: A Low‐Input‐Voltage Wireless Power Transfer for Biomedical Implant

Abjijit Suprem, Fresno State (Undergraduate)
Title: Prototype Tabletop Wireless Power Transfer System: An Approach to Distributed Systems Charging Applications

Shawn Ricardo, CSU Fullerton (Graduate)
Title: Low Cost, Real‐Time, LIDAR Based Obstacle Avoidance for Mobile Robots

Health, Nutrition, and Clinical Sciences, Undergraduate & Graduate
Vanessa Dougherty and Lisa Faust, CSU Dominguez Hills (Graduate)
Title: Occupational Therapy Trauma‐Informed Practice Using the Community Resiliency Model: Narrative and Photovoice with Veterans

Humanities and Letters, Creative Arts and Design, Undergraduate & Graduate
Colette Brown, CSU Long Beach (Undergraduate)

Title: An Art Against Dementia: Expected Outcomes of an Intervention for Healthy Older Adults

Humanities and Letters
Joris Hoogsteder, CSU Fullerton (Graduate)

Title: Musical Innovation in Early Videogames: Super Mario Bros.

Interdisciplinary, Undergraduate & Graduate
Christine Liu, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (Undergraduate)

Title: Measuring the Effect of Affordances on Crash Cart Medicine Packaging

Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Julian Andrews, Cal Poly Pomona (Undergraduate)

Title: Discovering Massive Runaway Stars Using Infrared Bow Shock Nebulae: First Results

Alexander Yore, San Francisco State (Undergraduate)
Title: Photoluminescence properties of the edges and grain boundaries in synthesized monolayer molybdenum disulfide

Jessica Asbell, CSU Long Beach (Graduate)
Title: Non‐Radial Fluid Pulsation Modes of Neutron Stars and Strange Quark Stars

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