Press Release

Teleste And CSU Name Seven Campuses to Participate in Interactive Language Laboratory




Project to begin with Japanese and French Curricula at Chico, Dominguez Hills, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Monterey Bay, Sacramento and San Diego.

The California State University and Teleste Educational, Ltd., have named seven CSU campuses to begin providing a virtual interactive language laboratory for students to access on campus, at home, or at any location.

The first language curricula to be implemented will be Japanese and French. Four of the CSU campuses -- Chico, Monterey Bay, Long Beach, and San Diego -- will offer Japanese, while the Sacramento, Dominguez Hills, and Los Angeles campuses will offer French.

Traditionally, foreign language learning resources have been available only in individual learning centers of CSU campuses through network technologies. The virtual language laboratory allows students to log into the learning resource databases at their campuses, and access and download a wide range of interactive learning materials developed by CSU and Teleste. In addition, the system enables students to communicate using Internet voice technologies both online and off-line with the instructors leading their classes at the language laboratories at the different campuses.

"Students at seven CSU campuses will experience the capabilities of this virtual and interactive language program," said Gary Hammerstrom, CSU assistant vice chancellor of academic affairs. "The system uses the latest technology to allow faculty to reach a wider range of students. Some of those students will participate from campus language labs and others from remote locations."

First announced in May, the Teleste and CSU project is a first-of-a-kind initiative. It was developed jointly by both institutions and will serve as a model for similar remote-learning solutions in other universities across the country.

"We are thrilled that these seven CSU campuses have agreed to \'come on board\' so quickly with this exciting project," said Tuomo Lehtovirta, president, Teleste Educational, L.L.C., Miami, Fla. "Their commitment to implement the Japanese and French curriculums paves the road to reap unlimited benefits for their respective students and guarantee the success of our joint virtual language lab program."

The project will span a two-year period. During different phases of the implementation, Teleste will develop a multi-campus distributed-learning solution to stream video and audio language files, and associated programs. As part of the curriculum design and management process, CSU campuses will test and implement the software and learning materials. Tandberg Educational Inc., Teleste\'s American distributor and sales partner, will direct the implementation of the hardware and software technological infrastructure at the campuses.

About the CSU: The CSU is the largest four-year college system in the nation with about 360,000 students and 40,000 faculty and staff at 23 campuses throughout the state. The campuses offer diversified programs in humanities, arts, education, sciences, social sciences, and business. The system prepares about 60 percent of the teachers in the state and more graduates in business, engineering, agriculture, communications, health, education, and public administration than all other California universities and colleges combined. Altogether, about half of the bachelor\'s degrees awarded in California are from the CSU.

About Teleste: Teleste Educational Ltd. is a division of Teleste, the international technology group specializing in broadband telecommunications networks, TV signal distribution and control equipment and multimedia environments for language learning. Teleste has enjoyed a leading position for over 30 years in the global educational market as a developer and supplier of technology enhanced solutions for learning environments. Teleste markets and distributes its product solutions through Tandberg Educational, Divace, and Imperata brand names.

From language laboratories to digital, multimedia resource centers, the company has designed and deployed over 15,000 learning systems in schools of various levels, colleges, and university centers in 90 countries worldwide. Teleste\'s customers have relied on the company\'s solutions to train millions of students in foreign languages and other cross-curriculum areas.

12 September 2000