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Three California State University Campuses Honored by Carnegie Foundation for Distinctive Community Engagement




(January 11, 2011) – Three California State University campuses – Channel Islands, Dominguez Hills, and Sacramento – have been honored for their community engagement by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

These CSU campuses join an elite group of 308 colleges and universities across the country, including ten other CSU campuses – Chico, Fresno, Fullerton, Long Beach, Monterey Bay, San Bernardino, San Francisco, San José, San Marcos, and Stanislaus – that received the honor either in 2006 or 2008.

"The California State University is proud to have 13 campuses – more than half of our 23 institutions - recognized by the Carnegie Foundation," said CSU Chancellor Charles B. Reed.  With more than half of our 430,000 students engaged in some type of service annually, we are producing a workforce of leaders who will be skilled, knowledgeable and more socially responsible. The CSU will continue to engage, partner and serve Californians in ways that can only make California better."

The Carnegie Foundation recognized the campuses in the joint category of curricular engagement and outreach and partnerships. To earn the distinction, the campuses fully demonstrated an alignment of community engagement efforts with their institutional mission, culture, resources and practices.

  • CSU Channel Islands featured a number of their efforts to engage young people in STEM careers and majors (science, technology, engineering and math). The Biosphere Summer Science Institute designed to encourage Oxnard College students to pursue STEM majors and to transfer to a four-year university enabled 60 Oxnard College students to study with faculty research mentors and enroll in a class for three weeks. CI students served as peer mentors.
  • CSU Dominguez Hills highlighted the many ways that the university’s research is both conducted and shared with the community.  For example, the Center for Urban Environmental Research assists in educating the community about ecology and water-wise native species.  CSUDH faculty also facilitate community workshops on the proper use of those water-wise native plants.
  • Sacramento State captured its long-term commitment to the communities it serves through survey results documenting more than 160 community engagement projects, 50 percent of which have been in existence for more than four years. 

The Carnegie Foundation created this elective classification in collaboration with a team of advisors and a pilot study conducted by 14 colleges and universities to develop a documentation framework that would capture and assess an institution’s commitments to community engagement.  This year, 154 institutions applied, of which 115 were successfully classified as community engaged institutions. The California State University congratulates all 308 colleges and universities on this remarkable achievement.


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The California State University is the largest system of senior higher education in the country, with 23 campuses, approximately 433,000 students year round and 44,000 faculty and staff. Since the system was created in 1961, it has awarded nearly 2.5 million degrees, about 90,000 annually. The CSU is renowned for the quality of its teaching and for the job-ready graduates it produces. A recent economic report found that the CSU supports more than 150,000 jobs statewide, annually. The engine driving job creation is more than $17 billion in economic activity that directly results from CSU-related spending that generates $5.43 for every dollar the state invests. The mission of the CSU is to provide high-quality, affordable education to meet the ever-changing needs of the people of California. With its commitment to excellence, diversity and innovation, the CSU is the university system that is working for California.

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