Commits $50 M to student achievement and degree completion

Timothy P. White, chancellor of the California State University (CSU), delivered his inaugural State of the CSU address today at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees. Here is what leaders across the state are saying about the State of the CSU address:

“California faces a shortage of one million college graduates by 2025 that threatens our economic wellbeing and quality of life. As the largest public higher education system, California State University has a critical role in closing the college skills gap and providing a better future for all Californians.”
Mark Baldassare, President, Public Policy Institute of California

“I congratulate and commend Chancellor White upon the delivery of his first State of the CSU address. As chair of the Senate Budget Subcommittee #1 which deals with education budget issues, I appreciate his focus on student success and completion, especially for the underserved. The Chancellor laid out a thoughtful framework to increase student degree completion: greater access to counseling, removing course bottlenecks and increasing collaboration and communication with the UC and Community Colleges as well as high schools. His approach will help California meet the urgent need of one million more graduates by 2025.”
Marty Block, Senator (SD-39), California State Senate

“The need for skilled college graduates remains high in the state, particularly in areas of science, mathematics, technology and engineering. I support Chancellor White’s proposal to increase high-impact practices that will provide students with the training, expertise and knowledge employers in these fields seek. I believe that by collaborative planning with all of the partners in higher education, we can achieve the goal of adding 1 million college graduates to the workforce by 2025. I stand with Chancellor White in working to create the best education system for the future of California.”
Rocky Chávez, Assemblymember (R-Oceanside), California State Assembly

“Student leadership joins in Chancellor White’s ambitious vision, embrace of collaboration and optimism. The proposed investment in faculty, advisors and innovation will directly correlate to student success – consistent with the CSU’s accessible mission, diverse programs and commitment to all communities. Our university stands as the transformative institution the people need, the state needs and the national economy needs.”
Sarah Couch, President, California State Student Association

“The CSU Alumni Council stands ready to support Chancellor White with his initiatives in advancing student achievement. With everyone working together, our graduates will continue to be well-prepared to meet the workforce needs of California and have the opportunity to build their own success stories to share with our next generation of students.”
Kristin Crellin, President, CSU Alumni Council

“Reaffirming the importance of the mission of the CSU and the Master Plan for Higher Education is long overdue. The impact of the CSU on the social fabric of California and economic impacts are too often overlooked. Chancellor White is correctly identifying our path to the future and continues to make the case that the CSU is not an expense in the state budget but an investment in the future of California.”
Pat Gantt, President, California State University Employees Union

“Chancellor White describes the extraordinary impact of the CSU, both to individuals and to society, of which we in the system are all so proud. Our universities are recognized for both quality programs and affordability. The Academic Senate shares Chancellor White’s vision to invest in academic quality to support student success, especially faculty recruitment and high-impact practices.”
Diana Guerin, Chair, Academic Senate of the CSU,
Professor of Child and Adolescent Studies, CSU Fullerton

“Chancellor White’s focus on student success and degree completion is in tight alignment with the priorities of the California Community Colleges. With these shared goals, our two systems can work even more closely together to educate the workforce that is needed for our changing economy. Our recent work on improving transfer is but one example of collaboration that will help students achieve their educational goals and improve our communities.”
Brice W. Harris, Chancellor, California Community Colleges

“To remain competitive in a global economy, California must prepare the next generation of leaders with access to the educational tools they need to succeed, and the California State University system is doing just that. As a proud product of the CSU system, I join Chancellor White in supporting a vision that includes a renewed focus on student achievement and degree completion. It is through this vision that we can grow our economy, strengthen our communities and develop a workforce that can meet the challenges of tomorrow.”
Ricardo Lara, Senator (D-Huntington Park/Long Beach), California State Senate

“Success within the California State University system is integral to making higher education available for all Californians. Chancellor White outlined a vision for the CSU that seeks to maximize existing resources while planning for the future. The plan will help alleviate bottlenecks through innovations such as cross-campus enrollment to help students graduate on time. The plan is forward-thinking in its reliance on data driven decision-making and will position the CSU to be fiscally sound in the years ahead. As the Legislature engages in the budget process, the needs of the CSU must be at the forefront.”
Marc Levine, Assemblymember (D-San Rafael), California State Assembly

“The men and women of TELACU commend Chancellor Tim White for his presence and visible leadership in the California Latino community. We recommit ourselves to stand shoulder to shoulder in partnership him and his entire team in redesigning and revitalizing a CSU that will empower the dream of California’s future.”
Michael Lizárraga, President & Chief Executive Officer, TELACU

“In order to create more quality jobs in California, we must first face the overall challenges in education and workforce development. Providing increased access for students and a renewed emphasis on degree completion are integral in addressing these challenges.”
Jose Medina, Assemblymember (D-Riverside), California State Assembly
Chair of the Assembly Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy Committee

“I applaud Dr. White for his focus on our communities, including Latinos; and the need to invest in their achievement and college completion. Univision’s mission is to inform and empower our community and, through our Education platform, we are committed to work together with CSU to improve Latino college graduation rates.”
Alberto Mier y Terán, Senior Vice President/General Manager, Univision 34/UniMás 46

“Thank you Dr. White for your leadership and compelling comments for the CSU system and higher education in general, especially since it ties directly to K-12 education. Your forward thinking is encouraging, particularly as we witness the labor demands for 21century skills and the need for us to increase the number of college graduates. This coupled with the enormous demographic challenges growing in our state has given us a daunting picture for college and career readiness and success.”
Al Mijares, Superintendent of Schools, Orange County Department of Education

“Chancellor White’s ambitious vision is grounded in the realities of California and the needs of current and future generations. We look forward to working with the CSU and California Community College systems to help accomplish our shared goals.”
Janet Napolitano, President, University of California

“Higher education continues to provide a reliable pathway to achieve success and upward mobility. The 23 universities of the CSU system provide a remarkable and affordable education for California’s young people to prepare themselves for productive careers in our growing global economy.”
Jim Nielsen, Senator (R-Gerber), California State Senate

“The CSU is a gateway to a high-quality affordable education to all Californian’s and especially to first generation and minority students. That is why the CSU is so important to the future of our great state. The initiatives that Chancellor White is implementing that support student success will go far in increasing the number of degrees the CSU confers. I am also thankful that Chancellor White is putting an emphasis on students of all backgrounds by creating a seamless partnership with the K-12 and community college system. Long Beach students have long benefited from such a seamless partnership through the Long Beach College Promise.”
Eloy Ortiz Oakley, Superintendent-President, Long Beach City College

“The CSU remains one of the key economic engines of California, and a strong and healthy CSU is vital to a strong and healthy California economy. I am delighted to see the progress the CSU has made in recovering from the effects of a deep and damaging recession, and as the Chancellor’s State of the System Address shows, the CSU is making significant progress at every one of the system’s 23 campuses. I am particularly pleased to see such a strong focus on student achievement and degree completion, with a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to ensure that every student who attends a CSU graduates with the skills they need to contribute to our state and its workforce. I look forwarding to working with the Chancellor and my fellow Trustees in the coming months, especially on issues like the launch of the Middle Class Scholarship in the Fall 2014 semester and on improving campus climate for every student in the CSU.”
John A. Pérez, Speaker (D-Los Angeles), California State Assembly

“Chancellor White’s vision for the CSU affirms a welcome commitment to collaboration among the state’s public education systems and the business community, so that our graduates are better prepared to meet California’s workforce needs. The Chancellor’s focus on equipping graduates with skills demanded by our 21st Century economy sets CSU students on a stronger path to employment opportunities and greater lifetime earnings.”
Darrell Steinberg, President Pro Tempore (D-Sacramento), California State Senate

“I want to commend Chancellor White in calling for a renewed emphasis on student achievement and completion. Hiring additional qualified faculty, enhancing student advising, ensuring college readiness, and supporting transfer students are all key to improving completion rates. I am encouraged by the Chancellor’s proposal to commit $50 million to improve student outcomes and I look forward to working with the CSU to achieve these goals.”
Das Williams, Assemblymember (D-Santa Barbara), California State Assembly, Chair of the Assembly Higher Education Committee

“CSU is key to the economic prosperity of California. To be competitive in a global economy, California relies on the skilled, highly educated workforce CSU provides. CSU plays a critical role in educating and training the future leaders and innovators that will move our economy forward.”
Allan Zaremberg, President & Chief Executive Officer, California Chamber of Commerce


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