Faculty Innovation and Leadership Award

As the nation’s largest and most diverse four-year institution, the California State University endeavors to be a national leader for providing affordable degree opportunities for students from all backgrounds. On every CSU campus, outstanding faculty are leading the way, redesigning courses, applying innovative teaching practices, and more effectively using data to address equity gaps.

With generous support from foundation partners, the Faculty Innovation and Leadership Award recognizes the vitally important role that faculty play in providing high-quality instruction and their commitment to student success. This systemwide award recognizes faculty who are implementing innovative practices that significantly improve learning and course outcomes. The award also acknowledges faculty who have demonstrated leadership at the department, college, or university level to improve student success and outcomes in courses with traditionally low success rates or persistent equity gaps.

2018-2019 Awardees Announced 

2018-18 Awardees


For questions, please contact Dr. James T. Minor, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Senior Strategist for Academic Success and Student Affairs at jtminor@calstate.edu or (562) 951-4317.

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