Graduation Initiative 2025
About Graduation Initiative 2025

​ Graduation Initiative 2025 is about the CSU thinking and acting differently to encourage innovation, remove barriers that impede student success and be more strategic about the way we serve students. When we are successful, more students will have the opportunity to graduate according to their personal goals.

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Key Objectives

Building on Success

The Graduation Initiative 2025 follows the success of the first Graduation Initiative, launched in 2009, which surpassed its primary goal of increasing the graduation rate for first-time incoming CSU first-year students from 46 percent to 54 percent with an achieved rate of 57 percent.


Strategies to Better Serve Our Students​​​​

  • ​​​​​​Hiring more tenure track faculty to teach additional course ​sections and additional academic advisors to support student success.
  • ​Strengthening Early Start and other transitional programs to improve college readiness among first-time students.
  • ​​Reducing the need for developmental coursework by strengthening the Early Assessment Program (EAP) and by improving curricular alignment with our K-12 partners.
  • Supporting faculty innovation and course redesign efforts to improve student outcomes, especially in courses with historically high failure rates. 
  • ​Expanding the Associate Degree for Transfer program to ensure that transfer students enter with a clear pathway to fulfill CSU degree requirements.
  • Strengthening relationships with community and business partners, community colleges and PK-12 school districts to ensure incoming students are prepared for college.
  • Expanding the number of online courses and concurrent enrollment programs to increase availability.
  • Expanding the use of electronic advising tools to improve course-taking efficiency.