​​Robin L. RossiRobin L. Rossi

Architect and Developer

California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo

For more than three decades, developer and architect Robin L. “Rob” Rossi has provided visionary leadership for San Luis Obispo County, helping the community to retain its historic character while adapting to dramatic economic and societal change. Mr. Rossi, who earned a Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1975 and was named a Cal Poly Honored Alumnus in 2000, is a long-time friend and supporter of California Po​lytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo and its College of Architecture and Environmental Design (CAED), and the Performing Arts Center.

He has been a member of the President’s Cabinet since 1995 and served as the CAED chairman for the university's Centennial Campaign. His support of the College of Architecture and Environmental Design has helped fund numerous projects: the CAED Cal Poly Scholars Program; an endowed professorship honoring George Hasslein, the college's long-time dean; and development of the Construction Innovations Center. Mr. Rossi is a founder of the Performing Arts Center and served on the Board of Directors of the Foundation for the Performing Arts Center. He made one of the Center’s largest individual donations and was instrumental in garnering additional support.

His professional career began before he graduated from Cal Poly. In 1975, he started the architecture firm RRM Design Group with a classmate and a professor. He left as architect and senior partner in RRM in 1980 to team up with a local developer who shared many of his philosophies of design, including using older buildings in new projects. In the early 1990s, he started his current firm, Rossi Enterprises. Throughout his career he has been guided by sensitivity to the character of the community and a strong sense of business ethics. Mr. Rossi has been a loyal, committed friend to Cal Poly, the local community and beyond. His dedication to excellence in education, his work ethic and his appreciation for and commitment to architectural beauty and integrity have helped make San Luis Obispo one of California’s most desirable places.

In recognition of his exemplary professional achievements, public service and extraordinary commitment to higher education, the Board of Trustees of the California State University and California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo are proud to confer upon Robin L. Rossi the honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters.