Roy M. PérezRoy M. Pérez

Latino Lobbyist/Businessman

San José State University

Roy M. Pérez is the most senior Latino lobbyist in Sacramento. He has spent a lifetime supporting his community, from Vietnam-era military service to currently running his own legislative advocacy firm, RMP Strategies. With his enduring support of multicultural understanding, his pursuit of consensus building, and his devoted civic service, Mr. Pérez exemplifies the ideals of the California State University.

Born into a farm-worker community and raised with eleven siblings by a single mother, Mr. Pérez worked his way from paper boy to being highly regarded for his accomplishments in the Hispanic community, as well as with veterans and small businesses throughout California and the United States. As a senior spokesperson and state capitol insider, he has played a vital role in every political campaign involving Latino candidates or issues since the 1970s. His leadership has been instrumental in defining Hispanic involvement in California politics.

Mr. Pérez is chairman of the board and legislative adviser for the California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce. His direction and his diplomacy have created working coalitions between businesses and trade unions, local leaders and the media, and community and elected officials, including the Latino, Black and Asian legislative caucuses. In his civil rights work, he is an advocate of Hispanic and veteran-owned small businesses, which benefit all California businesses.

In recognition of his exemplary record of lifelong service, and his continuing leadership in working with many diverse communities, the Board of Trustees of the California State University and San José State University are proud to confer upon Roy M. Pérez the honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters.