California State University, Northridge

Scott "Doc" Horowitz, a United States Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, has made invaluable contributions to our country's space program. By investigating advanced scientific phenomena using modern technology and by improving our complex global communications infrastructure while in flight, he has carried out the highest level of service to his country throughout his career as a NASA astronaut.

Mr. Horowitz has received many distinguished honors, including two U.S. Air Force Commendation Medals and the Hughes Trophy. He also was selected for membership by the Outstanding Young Men in America. Scientist, engineer, pilot, professor, husband and father, he wears his many hats with grace and cheer.

A proud ambassador of the California State University, he sets an example for youth and all citizens through his commitment to science, education and exploration. He embodies a tireless curiosity and thirst for knowledge that inspires millions of students from kindergarten through college to push back the frontiers of learning and to strive for their highest goals in life. This immeasurable contribution may turn out to be his greatest legacy.

In recognition of his courage and intellect, as well as his many contributions to our society, the Board of Trustees of the California State University and California State University, Northridge are proud to confer on Scott J. Horowitz the honorary degree of Doctor of Science.