Public Service

As the most populous state in the union and one of the world's 10 largest economies, California's government relies on trained policy professionals who understand the methods and practice of public administration and are imbued with a commitment to public service. Particularly in a time of difficult budget decisions, California relies on its leaders and policymakers-the majority of whom were trained at the CSU.

Seven hundred people, or 64 percent of Californians with master's degrees awarded in public administration in 2007, studied at the CSU. Forty-nine percent of Californians with bachelor's degrees in city​, urban, community and regional planning studied at the CSU in 2007.

In addition, the CSU trains a major portion of the state's social workers who provide services for California's families and represent a link between state services and community action. The CSU is by far the state's largest source of these vital experts. The CSU awarded 82 percent of bachelor's degrees in social work and 69 percent of the master's degrees in 2007.