Karl Bakhtiari
Karl Bakhtiari
Founder and President, Stonesfair Financial Corporation

CSU Chico

Bachelor of Science, Business (1974)
MBA (1977)
  • Karl Bakhtiari founded Stonesfair Financial Corporation (SFC), a real estate investment company in 1992. He serves as president and CEO of SFC, and since 1993 has grown the company to over $500 million in assets under management.
  • The company owns and operates over 2,000 multifamily properties, retail centers and office buildings in California, Arizona, Montana and Hawaii.
  • Bakhtiari is the 2003 recipient of the College of Business Distinguished Alumni Award. He has served on the University's Board of Governors and Business Advisory Board.
  • Bakhtiari is a co-owner of the Sundance Ranch winery, a 22.5-acre winery in the Napa Valley.

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