image of Towalame Austin
Towalame Austin
President, Magic Johnson Foundation

CSU Dominguez Hills

Interdisciplinary Studies (2004)
  • Responsible for providing strategic leadership and direction to one of the leading philanthropic organizations in the nation.
  • Maintains the Foundation's position in the fight against HIV/AIDS by overseeing the AHF Magic Johnson Healthcare Clinics that ensure patients have access to complete medical care.
  • Launched a highly successful World AIDS Day campaign, I Stand with Magic, in 2006 that tested over 1,300 at-risk individuals for HIV/AIDS and secured nationwide media coverage.
  • Spearheads the Foundation's commitment to higher education through the Taylor Michaels Scholarship program, awarding over 250 scholarships to deserving college students.
  • Advances the Foundation's goal of providing underserved communities with access to technology and information through the Magic Johnson Community Empowerment Centers.

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