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Matthew R. Landano
Director, Office of Safety and Mission Success, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Cal State LA​

B.S. Electrical Engineering (1963) M.S. Electrical Engineering (1968)
  • Responsible for assuring the integrity of critical hardware and software needed for mission success, for providing independent technical review and risk assessment for space missions and for reporting results to JPL and NASA top management.
  • Started in 1969 as a key system engineer supporting the Viking Orbiter/Mars and Voyager to the outer solar system projects.
  • Made significant contributions to more than 30 space missions, including Mars landers and rovers, and has also supported several earth science and astrophysics missions.
  • Served for several years as the Galileo deputy flight director, Galileo Orbiter Spacecraft manager and Galileo Spacecraft system engineer.
  • Played key roles in successful NASA/JPL projects such as Deep Space 1, Genesis, Stardust, Deep Impact, Galaxy Evolution Explorer, Cassini, Spitzer, CloudSat and Mars missions.
  • Received the NASA Distinguished Service Medal, two NASA Outstanding Leadership Medals, a NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal for Galileo, and the Aviation Week Laurel Award for Spacecraft Development.

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