image of Robert Embree
Robert Embree
VP Operations, CAP Diagnostics

CSU Monterey Bay

E.M.B.A. Executive Master of Business Administration (2012)
  • Runs a clinical lab at CAP Diagnostics, which is a leading-edge, full-service, reference and esoteric testing laboratory.
  • CAP Diagnostics' attention is focused on the early detection and treatment of several types of cancer. Their cutting-edge research and development produces reliable and cost-effective patient assessment and treatment.
  • A re-entry student who struggled with college the first time around. Enlisted in the Navy and earned his bachelor's degree, then received his Executive Master of Business Administration from CSU Monterey Bay.
  • His passion is to support resources that help college students. Hires students within his clinical lab and helps to instill the understanding that the process is as valuable as the knowledge itself.

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